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Not only did he find homes for the dogs, he always found a date for Saturday night (that is, of course, until he met his wife who put an end to all that).So this Valentine’s Day, maybe it’s time to engage in a creative effort to make something amazing happen in your (love) life – whether you want to put a little spark in the relationship you already have, or you’re on a quest for a new romance.If I have an interest in someone, I’ll pursue that.I don’t care whether it’s someone in the public eye or a grade school teacher or a nurse.” While that girl may not be the aforementioned blonde model, the Chicagoan says he’s looking for a confident girl with a strong personality — shocker!So Riker started brainstorming, trying to pinpoint the best places to go to meet the right kinds of guys.

Sanchez reportedly did take to social media to apologize for her actions but still refused to take down the offensive post.“I apologize for posting the picture that Morgan Mc Michaels passed away,” Tyra Sanchez said.Scrappy people see the challenges before them and find a new path to extraordinary results.They understand that in today’s market (or dating scene) you need more than just a dream and a willingness to show up and work hard.As a marketing consultant with her own business, she had plenty of freedom but wasn’t meeting many eligible men because she worked from home and most of her clients were on the East Coast.Though she gave online dating a fair shake, she found it too time consuming and not really suited to her personality.

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It’s fun and a little inspiring—especially because it’s true!

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