Dating someone with childhood trauma

Once the trust had been damaged, it was going to take a concerted effort to get it back. A Surprising Revelation As I went through the husband’s Hierarchy with him, I discovered that his preference was Unselfish Service first, Kind Words second and Human Touch third.Plus they needed to know exactly how to create win/win scenarios over and over again that were highly valued, not just mildly noticed. When I asked his wife, she said her preference was first and foremost Human Touch…and as she said it, the look of shock on her husband’s face was unbelievable.She had done some counseling but some of it was so bad, it literally did more harm than good.Through it all, her husband has stood by her side, protected her and their family and loved her through it all.Unfortunately, he made a few mistakes because he didn’t know better and was in over his head when it came to fixing them.

It turns out she was really inspired by their love and affection.

Yep, that Human Touch is powerful stuff…Check out these kind words from my client herself:“I had had the benefit of life coaching but one area I was not happy with or making progress in was my relationship and after failed counseling a few years back, my hubby wanted nothing to do with coaching or talking to any so called experts.

I was at my wit’s end and had actually walked out on our 29 year marriage which just happened to be the catalyst for change and my hubby finally agreed to relationship coaching with Dave.

If it resonates in your heart, we invite you to be a part of our mission to help people create A Legendary Love for Life…one couple at a time.

To learn more, you can check out his blog site at check him out on video at It took him 29 years to learn how to love his wife…But the amazing part about it was that he never stopped trying…I’ve been working with a couple that I’ve come to admire so much and their story is so incredible, I wanted to share it here.

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